Thursday, April 14, 2011

Energetic resources

Many times we talked about energy sources, and these are basically responsible for that we have different ways of generating our own electricity necessary for our day-to-day, but of course, this concept is very broad and we delve much more.

Energia Eolica

As many know, there is a classification based for all resource, based of course on capacity which we can continue getting raw materials necessary to reach a final product, i.e., whether this is a renewable resource, either a non-renewable energy source.


Fossil fuels: includes the exploitation of oil formed makes billions of years by the accumulation of hydrocarbons (product of decomposition of organic, from material generally of plankton) that are content between impermeable rocks in liquid state, and hovering over it in the form of Natural Gas, present in volatile or gaseous state.

It also includes coal as another source of non-renewable energy, organic matter of vegetable origin, covered with sediments originating changes in its molecular structure to increase the pressure conditions.


Stand out by releasing a large amount of energy by combustion, which applies to a lot of uses ranging from heating to mobility using an internal combustion engine, this last allowing its transformation into electric energy.

Nuclear fuel: used for obtaining Nuclear energy, being the most frequently used uranium and plutonium, which through a process called radioactive decay can be decomposed into atoms of lower molecular mass, process that releases an enormous amount of energy.

This energy is used by nuclear power stations which through the formation of water vapor and with the help of a turbine connected to an alternator, generate electrical energy necessary.

 Energia Solar

It is those who are considered as unlimited, or are too large and are not also largely consumed in proportion to the amount of energy that can be obtained from them.

This group is practically impossible to include a limited amount of resources, as that carried out various scientific progress is checked that it is possible to have a renewable energy source without using a consumable.

This is why it is considered as the source of everything to solar energy, which is responsible for the formation and distribution of other renewable resources.


In this case, which stands out of them is that while they are not unlimited, renewal occurs quite quickly, given the potentiality that precisely that must be controlled is that does not consume more than necessary, otherwise it would a disappearance.

A clear example of this is the use of Biomass energy, that although plants are growing relatively fast, overexploitation may generate a depletion of resources that offer.

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