Saturday, April 16, 2011

Types of renewable energy, summary

The renewable energy are all those who come from a natural source, are clean and almost inexhaustible resources. There are a variety of renewable energy sources, which can be different types of energy: electricity, heat and biofuels. Today we will devote to renewable electrical application, describing briefly what is each one of them.

Biogás: energy is obtained from the fuel gas produced generated via leave biomass or from the biodegradable fraction of waste. Through different processes can be purified to reach a quality which is similar to natural gas, and can be used as fuel, biofuel or wood gas.
Energy biomass: Gets the biodegradation of chemicals and biological waste (both plant and animal origin), or industrial and municipal waste and solid recovered fuels. The generation of electricity from biomass can be made in different ways:

Energy mar: energy that encompasses the energy use of seas and oceans. Depending on that take advantage of the waves is called wave or tidal if it comes from the tides. Wind energy: is the kinetic (movement) contained in the masses of air in the atmosphere. It captures from wind turbines (Photo 2).

EnergyGeotérmica: energy stored in the form of heat under the Earth's surface, obtained through deposits of high temperature (greater than 100 - 150 ° C).

EnergyHidroeléctrica: is obtained from power plants or minihidroeléctricas, through the transformation of the mechanical energy of a watercourse.

Energy Solar: is obtained from solar radiation. There are two different types of solar energy:

Photovoltaic Solar energy: captured by solar cells which, by the photovoltaic effect generates electric current, which is stored in batteries or injected into the network and electricity distribution (Photo 3).Thermoelectric Solar energy: uses solar radiation directly to heat a fluid which creates steam to power a turbine generator of electricity.

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