Sunday, December 25, 2011

Renewable Energy - Maybe

And while laboratories seek improvements that will give greater efficiency to future projects, in the present give very interesting progress with installation or projection short-term new wind and solar parks, which will help to continue to expand the amount of renewable generated energy. These are some of the highlights:

Solar energy not only can be used to generate electricity for the network, they can be captured directly by a large number of devices and appliances with its own solar cells. Thus, we avoid increasing the electricity network, while us we guarantee that the energy that we are using is 100% clean. Some of our elected this year are:

Therefore the fact that more and more State policies aimed at increasing energy savings and renewable energy generation is certainly something to highlight.

Even when looking at the complete picture we notice that they are often insufficient or not be accompanying consistently with other measures (which seem to point in the opposite direction). But whatever sum is positive and we fervently hope that every year Governments steps further in this regard.

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