Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And you how to choose?

Although we do not see constantly in the news and that only certain programs that reflect this event, there are fewer fish in the sea due to overfishing. ¿Grave? Of course, but not irreversible if we all put a little on our part to protect marine life.

Unfortunately, too many people who think they can do little to this problem, they believe that only governments and fishermen are the ones who can do something to prevent depopulation. The reality is different, each one of us, each person is responsible for the environment, seas and earth.

When you buy fish or choose this dish in a restaurant, your choice is valuable, choose sustainable seafood. You can read at the shop, supermarket or even in the restaurant on the fish they offer, you can look at a seafood guide because it is important to know where it comes from the fish, if a species is in danger of termination or otherwise belongs to a species with large populations, and how not, is it the right size?

In addition, we suggest you try other types of fish, new flavors! The high demand for certain marine species leads to overfishing of the same, so why not change your diet of fish species tested less known but equally rich and healthy?

If you're worried you do not know cooking, be sure your fishmonger or orient yourself with a new cookbook! There is nothing better than starting to innovate to find a new kitchen.

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