Friday, December 9, 2011

Energy Education Is The Need of The Hour

The conventional energy sources, primarily, coal, petroleum and natural gas are consumed on large scale globally and these non-renewable resources cannot be restored. Hence deep investment in alternative energy is imperative.

A recent news article, stated U.S President Barack Obama to have raised an alarm by endorsing the need of investing in clean energy, as it is one of the ways to combat rising gas prices and straining family budgets.

Based on these comments by the president, CEES considers energy education a very important aspect, which will play an important role for the Non-Renewable and Renewable energy industry in the world. So, why is Energy Education a significant goal?

* President Obama has emphasized the need to spend on clean energy- including wind, solar power, electric cars and energy efficient buildings. The government support has improved the scope of clean energy consumption in the US, thus boosting the economic growth. European, Asian and other markets globally are funding massively for environment-friendly initiatives.
* Many alternative sources of energy are being used in various industries and organizations. It is thus noted that clean energy is getting the expected leverage and many new jobs are being created in this field. Slowly but steadily, the importance of green energy is spreading globally and the professional gamut in the energy field is enlarging day by day.
* One of the most fundamental aspects of the energy industry today is the rise in the demand for professionals who are in sync with the global and national energy needs, policies, economics, technology etc. As the demand for energy jobs is picking up, many students, professionals, retirees and homemakers are harnessing their efforts to get the right education required so that they can contribute to a better and a brighter future.

Some institutes including CEES provide quality energy education for students and professionals alike.

"Energy is getting exhausted,
Renewable resources must be adapted,
Efficient and effective thought,
Mustn't green energy be sought?
Let there be no haste, green energy is absolutely not a waste!"

We feel energy education is the need of the hour and lessons in energy education can definitely strengthen the global environmental picture.


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