Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Expedition to the South Pole

This adventure is promoted by Acciona, global company and leader in renewable energy, water in sustainable infrastructure.

This expedition to the South Pole is not a simple adventure because it coincides with the anniversary of the first arrival of Roald Amundsen and Scott 100 years ago, is a real tribute to these great adventurers.

It also has an ultimate goal, to carry out different scientific projects in the hands of Acciona.

On this occasion, the protagonists of this adventure will be Ramon Larramendi, Javier Selva, Juan Pablo Albar and Ignacio Oficialdegui that despite having all the technologies at their disposal, will reach the South Pole in a few weeks thanks renewable energies, the wind and a vehicle very special.

The route will consist of 3,500 km these courageous actors will tour on Board of a very special sled, that it will move with the help of the wind with the comets that will rise up at the top of the front of the sled.

This way of approaching the action to the South Pole is bathed symbolism, a way of projecting a friendly future, a future of research promoted by renewable energy, taking care of the environment.

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