Sunday, December 4, 2011

Portable solar lamp

This small portable solar lamp is a development of Sunnyside up Solar and has been dubbed ´Signature your´. The name comes from the hand of drawing on his forehead showing their signature on the inside of a lamp. This lovely design makes that to light, glows the silhouette of the bulb, only that this time we can have it on hand or take with us on a night walk.

The lamp consists of two bulbs LED, a switch and two AA batteries that are rechargeable. Its tiny size (14 x 10 cm) is one of the best things about this solar lamp that you can carry it wherever you want, whether in camps for weekend or night tours.

It's a very good idea, in fact, that with just leave the lamp to the Sun during the day can be used by how many hours of the night.

A charge during the day allows that the lamp of five to seven hours you can use at night. When the solar lamp glows so do it automatically, you can schedule. It is already on sale in some stores of EE.U.S. by $38.

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