Saturday, December 24, 2011

Green homes programme

It green homes program is to provide, to all those who want to follow him, advice and recommendations to save water and electricity, using the car more efficiently, learn how to Recycle in the proper way, learn about composting and so full of possibilities.

Because what he really wants is to promote self-control of the domestic consumption of water and energy in a simple way, introducing little little steps and saving behaviors involving no more than a simple change in the way of life.

In this way, a more ethical and more responsible purchase will not be as an effort but will be as something automatic, standardised.

The green homes program lasts a full year, and he often participate families and/or young people who want to learn how to lead a life more healthy and supportive environment.

These programs are carried out in various cities and municipalities of Spain as Las Rozas (Madrid), Ciudad Real, Toledo, Badajoz, Galicia, Tenerife, Valencia Community… Among other cities struggling to be solidarity.

But if it is not possible to register in your city or town hall, you can always follow the councils that are providing green home blog or that we have in Erenovables.

Do you know that we are we, citizens, responsible for 30% of energy consumption and 10 per cent of the total water in our country?

With these figures, the green homes program aims to raise awareness of the importance of these duties so that little by little people make an use more sustainable and solidarity of all those resources which are collective.

Otherwise, for many more compelling approach to it, is that through these changes in consumption can Save money and resources.In our hand is helping to make life possible now and many years to pollution reduction, that everyone can enjoy water cleaner and less polluted.

Because when one begins to make small changes, we are achieved when the great.

To finish the post today, I would like to leave you a I proverbio facing the green agenda that seems truly significant blog:

"Before changing the world, gives three laps around your House" (Chinese proverb)

We have made a selection of articles that can be you of interest for more information about energy saving modes, both water and electricity:

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