Friday, December 16, 2011

Guide to recycling

All those materials that have to do with cans and packaging of plastic, aluminium and I Cork are intended for this container.

Many times one asks do this Yes, this does not? and there is nothing as examples of everyday life to be clarified , in this case we talk about bottles, tetrabricks, cans, bags, trays, covers yogures…

There are many elements that we use every day have to end up in this container at the end of his life.

Despite the fact that increasingly more people which begin to separate into their homes the different types of waste, about 25% of waste in the yellow container are not correct.

In the blue container you have to take those paper materials such as newspapers, magazines, books (as long as have previously removed them the rings), boxes or packaging of paper.

If you already want to finish do things well, fold the cardboard everything you can that does not occupy much space and can keep introducing more waste in the container you has never happened to them you had to leave outside the container because they were not?A curious thing that many do not know, is that the napkins, tissue or another type of dirty paper is not included in the container because it makes waste.

The Green container is intended for all things connected with the glass such as bottles, the bottles or jars (eye! lids go to yellow)

He did not personally know this detail, but the ideal is that glass is deposited in the container without breaking so it is more usable.With some types of containers we quite complicated if not impossible, but it is good to know it!

Another aspect to take into account is that everything which are boats glass of medicines nor this is instead to have traces of substances should be going to the Sigre.

The vast majority of products are intended to end his days in this container which is more commonly known as "organic waste container".

In this container take place food waste, paper and dirty cartons which have named above, tires, plastics that are not containers, toys, etc.

Every city and town even has different types of containers, some are guided by colors, some with the word and some even carry both!Personally, felt that he knew enough of recycling where every thing was going, but after investigating the truth for this article is that I was surprised of what was assumed which really are.

I hope you have served, and that we should gradually move more people of conscience to the facts.

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