Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zero-Blade -NewType of Wind Turbine Blades!

 When it comes to the future of wind energy, a company thinks of cost savings and efficiency. Thus, Tunisia has established a new technology called Zero-Blade. New type of wind turbine blades can not be twice as efficient without being a danger to birds

But what's that Zero-Blade technology? The knives are replaced by a candle-shaped body while hub and gearbox are eliminated, thereby increasing the efficiency of the devices existing wind power conversion.

According to the company an average wind turbine captures only a 30 or 40%, while the turbine is said to Saphon 2.3 times more efficient. Additionally, it is expected to reduce the cost of 45% less than a conventional turbine, mainly due to the fact that no sheets, cube, and with no gears in the units.

The most important of the Zero-Blade is the storage of energy. Most of the kinetic energy can be stored (via a hydraulic accumulator) or can be converted into electricity by a hydraulic motor and a generator. "We have developed several prototypes.  

We are in our second-generation prototype. We did the test and the second is twice as efficient as a three-bladed turbine in terms of production is at least 50% cheaper. "Commented Labaied Hassine, one of its creators.

The company is now looking for manufacturing partners for the turbine to market.

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