Thursday, August 30, 2012

Companies that opt ​​for renewables: Buderus

We are all aware that the search for alternative energy sources has increased in recent years because they pollute less than conventional. Renewable energy sources are produced continuously and constantly regenerated.  

Currently, there is a growing concern for environmental conservation and renewable energy could help solve many environmental problems.

Many entities, aware of excessive energy expenditure, have shown their commitment to the environment and have developed products that work from the energy produced by the sun, the earth, water and air.

Buderus, pioneer heating and belonging to the Bosch Group, is based on solar thermal systems that use the sun's energy to heat hot water and generate heat. A clear example is the new solar evacuated tube Logasol SKR has launched the establishment, a highly efficient collector that uses the sun's energy. If you are a professional or installer will be good for you to know this new solar collector.

Besides, created Buderus heat pumps operated with the energy stored in the air, water and land. Thus, the brand contributes to protecting the environment, a fundamental aspect of his philosophy.

Geothermal energy is a source of little known among end consumers and that is below the earth's surface as heat stored. What are its advantages? What can we tell clients to convince them that it is a good alternative? It is a renewable energy source that does not pollute and does not produce gases that may affect the environment. It is also an inexhaustible source of energy.

 Most characteristic is that its use can reduce CO2 emissions by around 50%. There are many products like heat pumps that operate through geothermal energy. Geothermal heat pumps have superior performance up to 70% more than conventional heat pumps.
This type of energy can be used both for the construction of large buildings such as houses, hotels, offices, hospitals ... and also for the construction of smaller buildings. Most characteristic is that it produces gases and, therefore, does not pollute the environment. It's an energy with great prospects for the future.
Of course, knowing well the advantages of this technology and communicate it to the final consumer knowledge is very useful for professionals and installers.
Buderus, a brand of Bosch Thermotechnology division of the Bosch Group, has released its new catalog includes general rates 2012que complete information on hydraulic diagrams, boilers of medium and high power, accumulators, regulation and control devices, as well as extensive information on renewables.
The catalog is divided into chapters. In section boiler medium and high power, the catalog includes a new range of steel condensing boilers, Logano plus SB745, with an attractive design and high energy efficiency. Furthermore, the range of self-contained heat generation incorporates new Modul Logablok GB312 and GB402 Modul.
In the area of ​​renewable energies are introduced as a new vacuum tubes Logasol SKR and incorporates the next generation of solar thermal collectors, Logasol SKN 4.0. Also included Logatherm heat pumps WPL and WPS.
The ACS chapter accumulator registers a strong expansion that includes new Logalux SU / 5 and Logalux SF / 5, 300 and 400 liter capacity, with inner surfaces termovitrificadas to its chemical behavior is neutral with respect to water. All models feature the patented Plus Duoclean treatment Buderus.

Also, within this same section, we have included the new ranges of high capacity batteries has been renewed since the capacity range of 1,500 liters in CV-M1 models with Serpentine added a new range of batteries without register, represented by C-models and MVV RB-RB with capacity up to 5,000 liters.

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