Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cars ecological 2012

 On this occasion, we have to analyze those five finalists who will be elected when is home to the Los Angeles Auto Show, which will open its doors to the press on 16 November and will have big news with regards to mobility, which we will briefly describe below

In recent years the Volkswagen Group has signed a commitment for the moment is implementing, adapting its floorpan to new features and lower consumption, which affects fewer emissions of Pollutant Gases.
In regards to this model in particular, has worked to achieve a major reduction in consumption, placing it then in a few 4.28 litres every 100 kilometres, an excellent mark for a engine TDI diesel.

While usually not widely used, the truth is that you for those who use the car to work, especially if they have a very intensive use, the alternative of the Natural Gas is present, with some charging stations that use this fuel in cars which have been adapted.

But on this occasion the alternative occurs in Honda Civic Natural Gas, which is proposed as an alternative for those who use this energy source for their cars, without the need for adjustments and also with a low level of emissions.

From the outset this car caused a real revolution in the world of automobiles, and as such the new version (more precisely, its Fifth generation) is prepared to take a leap of quality with a much more modern and stylish model that seeks to give greater load capacity, despite losing drag coefficient.
Still not have been afforded the benefits of this model, because that will be revealed during the American event, where we will even see more details of its hybrid engine.

It is one of the most popular electric cars of Japan since its launch in the year 2009, which has a strong rivalry with another similar car the Nissan Leaf, only it is noted for being much more economical in their regular use.

Various analyses made by EPA, estimates that who uses this car only will have as I spend about $ 500 each 25 kilometres, considering that their autonomy is above the 100 miles on a full charge.

As is the case with many companies in the world of the engine, to the signing of the blue oval has the turn it to transform one of their most popular in its electric version cars, so that the soul of this Ford Focus is then a Lithium Ion battery.

But the most striking aspect of this new model is that it cares for the environment also manufacturing: vegetable fibers are used to replace plastic polymers derived from petroleum, while its loading station has been done entirely with recycled materials.

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