Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spiderman's Secret Fluid Revealed!

When we see the famous Spiderman Marvel Comics character, climb walls or fly through the air thanks to their powerful networks of spider we think is a waste of imagination of the writers, and yet science was inspired by Spiderman the creation of this new material.Peter Parker in the comic built its own network in the laboratory of the institute after school multipolimétricos compounds.  

This new material has a lot to do with a fiction, in both cases the result has been a non-toxic biomaterial based on the energy efficiency of natural processes in the last 10 years fabricación.Durante Dr. Vierra has been studying the mechanisms molecular silk black widow spider. The spider silk has a high tensile strength five times stronger than steel extraordinary elasticity. He began his studies in the 90's, the boom began in 1962 when Spiderman comes the character in the Marvel movies start in 2002.

Medical sutures, bullet proof vests or artificial tendons would be some of you as possible we aplicaciones.En Erenovable this development of biotechnology.

In late 2000, Dr Vierra had failed to produce artificial spider silk through a self-assembly process using natural yeasts and bacteria from cabras.Las properties spider silk or molecular level are known, the following step in the research of Dr. Vierra was to how to assemble these molecules into a strong thread. In 2010 achieved a grant from the National Science Foundation for a four-year project called Molecular characterization of the widow spider negra.El goal: to artificially mimic the spider black widow, especially the molecular process these fibers to be aligned are so resistant to this end.

Dr Vierra and his team have developed a mechanical device that can stretch the artificial spider silk with much more precision than other methods that were tested.

The potential of these synthetic fibers is large. Could be used for medical, military and commercial. Medical sutures and artificial tendons ligaments, bulletproof vests, fishing line, seat belts or airbags could be one of the industrial uses of this sintética.Este spider web material is not toxic and biodegradable and is practically made ​​up of Dr proteínas.El Vierra said:

     Our laboratory has cloned a number of genes that produce spider ensamblandos different proteins in silk threads.

We are like hunters spider genes investigated because new genes encoding proteins of the silk that makes spider webs. We are currently trying to understand how are you protein of spider silk fibers are grouped.

With the proceeds from the grant was used to buy a hub of the protein, which will streamline the process of spinning fibers from the spider silk artificial.Las Research continues on other projects to modify spider silk actual zinc and other materials including silk worms as bio engineers in the production of seda.

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