Friday, August 31, 2012

What is Energy Eficiency?

Energy efficiency is to use energy properly. Conventional energy sources are limited and we must economize its use if we want to continue disposing of them in the future.

How can we save energy?
First, it is very important to make a moderate use of electronic devices. It is very common to stop using the computer and leave it plugged in to a power source, this is a mistake as we continue to consume energy. So the first tip is to disconnect from the mains all electrical appliances when we stop using them.
Another way to save energy is to use public transport. This phrase which we have heard, are the perfect option for reducing energy consumption and not pollute the environment. Today it is very easy as well as buses, subways, taxis, trams ... we can make use of public bicycles already in place in most cities.

If, however, we do not like to use public transport or it is a medium that does not suit our needs and we prefer to take our private car, we can also help reduce environmental pollution. This is achieved by reducing the acceleration and braking, avoiding driving at a speed too fast or turning off the engine prolonged stoppages. If we follow these guidelines will reduce energy consumption and help preserve the environment.
What's more, what happens when we're home and we have several lights on in different rooms? At this time, we are consuming energy unnecessarily. We must be aware that during the day there is sunlight and we should use. Artificial light consuming and in most cases, we do not really missing.
Renewable energy is the key to avoid the great waste of energy that all, most of the time unconsciously, we are doing. Many conscious entities have shown their commitment to the environment and have developed products that help reduce energy expenditure.

 For example Junkers, a leader in heating and hot water production, helps to protect the environment and promote the use of renewable energy with its wide range of products.

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