Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Get Quality Milk

Working as a farmer is a full-time work 365 days a year, is a work in which one person is involved because for a livestock animal is any living thing, every one of them has a name and has a life she shares with you .

Cows are a large and beautiful animal that can fall in love, as you see them grow and gradually begin to be adults at your side, animals that can reach emocionarte.Esto is all that we know from the farmers in the Capon Farm, a family farm in which all play a role, are born with the passion and respect for animals because that is what the difference in more.

In order to get a quality milk are needed to meet different factors, as the natural diet of green grass or feed that complements, if well treated with respect for animals and the farm would carefully perfecta.
The milk quality can be seen in the very texture in the smell, taste even in color

And what happens to milk of this quality? For Farm Capon, Danone goes directly to get the milk to produce dairy products then we can find in stores products made with a high milk calidad. Danone manufactures its products with milk from Spanish territory with farms that are located in different parts of Spain, with the same quality and the same care for the cows.

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