Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Airbus Could Reduce Consumption by 15% Due to Hydrogen Fuel

The Airbus is conducting tests to find a way that the consumption of more efficient aircraft.

The idea is to take a load of engines with the goal of a system Propulsión.Básicamente not everything related to the electrical system on the plane, such as lights, electronic communication or environmental control systems, making them run achieve a battery of hidrógeno.Esto keep the engines turned off during takeoff, and once in the air, hydrogen battery produce a more energy efficient than the engine.

A hydrogen battery is installed in the model A-320, owned by the German Aerospace Center, and start to become test flight in 2015.

"The advantage of hydrogen battery that can be transformed directly into electrical energy chemistry," says Michel Loignon, an Airbus engineer, we're choosing a set of reasonable and mature technologies to be integrated.

Integrate additional assistance, the planes are sometimes designed with elongated engines and lighter than they really are necessary, increasing the weight of the aircraft.

The weight of the batteries and hydrogen fuel could make up for not using the auxiliary system, and use energy more efficiently.

Combined with other developments in aircraft design that could reduce fuel consumption by up to 70% or biofuels the aviation world is moving towards a more sustainable and clean.

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