Friday, February 18, 2011

Pollution water Spain

Following the posts related to pollution in Spain, I decided to comment on the contamination of water in Spain. I take also to remind, that in previous posts we've talked about light in Spain pollution, noise pollution in Spain and air pollution in Spain.


Water pollution or water, is mainly in the action or the effect of introducing some material or induce conditions on water involving, directly or indirectly, as a harmful alteration of its quality in relation to their subsequent uses or their environmental services.The sea is often receive a large amount of waste a year. But in recent years, is has been noticing as they were filled our waters from pollutants, resulting products all of our consumer society. A society ever more sick burn spotlight is where littering. Sites like the sea, that sooner or later we will make pay the consequences.contamisuelo Spain pollution is concentrated mainly on the coast. Being surrounded by water and thanks to tourism, our country is able to withstand tons of rubbish in their costs.Fisiosanitaria pollution is very important that affects seriously our countries very important to know that this type of pollution is also much in the agricultural sector mainly due to the used pesticides which are entered in the land and seep into the water.

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