Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alternative Energy Resources Shopping Cart

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At Alternative Energy Resources you will be able to purchase the HHO Dry Cell generators that are the latest technology in hydroxy fuel.

Also, you will find the Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer (EFIE) used to adjust the signal from the oxygen sensor(s) before they get to the engine's computer to compensate for an increase in fuel efficiency brought about by another fuel efficiency device.

You will also find recommended products to help you save on energy such as quality Amsoil products for gas and diesel savings as well as solar products to help you save on electricity or produce your own.

Dry Cells Single Kit

Dry Cells offers two systems, the single and dual Dry Cell units. Each system comes complete with everything you need to get effective service including the EFIE units from Mike Kerlhi of FuelSaver-MPG.
Dry Cells is one of the founding members of International HHO Institute (IHHOI) which strives to set standards are the HHO industry. If you are in need of basic electronics to supplement your HHO generator or dry cell, then FuelSaver-MPG is your choice. FuelSaver-MPG is the Sensor Specialist.

Many exciting technologies exist today for increasing the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines. However, in order to get the gains from these technologies, the electronics of modern vehicles must be confronted and handled. They are a specialty site that does just that.

They have studied the effect of fuel saving technologies on your vehicle's sensors and developed products to correct for these effects. By doing this, all of the mileage gains available from the fuel saving technology can be achieved.


Fuel economy is becoming more important with each passing year. Gas and diesel prices keep rising, putting a major strain on businesses that rely on vehicles and heavy equipment in their daily operations. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants improve fuel economy by allowing moving parts to move more freely, using less energy and creating less friction than when conventional lubricants are used.

The use of AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, gear lubes and transmission fluids can have a profound impact on fuel economy. Industry tests demonstrate an average conservative decrease in fuel consumption by two to five percent by switching to synthetic lubricants.


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