Friday, February 11, 2011

Documentary History Channel "Life without us"

In recent days we have dedicated to bring to you some of the most acclaimed documentaries on nature. Today we have a somewhat different proposal: a look at a possible future in which we find to land without human. The History Channel program "the life without us" responds to a simple question what would happen if the human species disappear? We invite you to see it.


"Life without us" (in some countries was known as "The land without human") in a documentary by history channel team in 2009. As you had before, it is a prediction of what would happen in the future if we are no longer on the planet . Production was based on assumptions of scientists specialized in different areas such as engineering, Botany, archaeology, geology and climatology.


This History Channel documentary not concerned with how we extinguish simply because we are not there, all that which we leave, without evidence of disasters of any kind. Televisions are lit, it sounds like the despertador… but there is no human on Earth Showing the video of "Life without us" is a future recreated with the latest technology where two processes will be giving at the same time.image

First, we will see the decline of the buildings and technologies human: a global blackout, flooded subway tunnels, crops decaying, derrumbados buildings and even the collapse of the bridge golden gate and the Eiffel Tower. And at the same time, life is making its way in a world where there is no more rule than the survival of the fittest : dogs they struggle to survive without their owners, plants are invading the skyscrapers, wolves and coyotes become owners of the cities, oceans replanted and climate change in a few years.


Two hours without waste to see "life without us", this shocking documentary History Channel that we hope to enjoy as much as we have done. Below you will find online video of the first chapter and links for accessing the following.

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