Saturday, February 12, 2011


Call compost, compost or compost product composting, i.e. recycling of organic matter through the natural process of decomposition. This technique can be reduced up to 50% of household waste could reused as fertilizer plants and gardens.


As you is compost is result of the process of decomposition of organic material through aerobic (with high level of oxygen). First is a massive reproduction of thermophilic aerobic bacteria (present naturally) and then other bacteria, fungi and Actinomycetes continue fermentation.

Compost is "half degree" of the decomposition process, humus is "superior". Let's look in more detail how compost is made ..


They waste which can be recycled into compost are organic: plant debris, animals, excrement and branches and leaves of plants. However, if we are thinking about doing a container of homemade compost , something to keep in mind. Manure and animal remains (meat, fat, eggs, dairy products) must be treated in specialized plants that tend to attract insects and animals


To make compost we must follow the following procedure:

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