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Fuel Saving Tips - Here are Some Fuel Saving Tips for Driving

Here are a few more fuel saving tips to help you take the sting out of high gas prices. A lot of the material has come from George Wiseman's book, "$uper Ga$ $aving $ecrets"

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained. Keep your vehicle in top running order. As Wiseman says, "if you do not do a maintenance check up, you need to get a check up from the neck up". it only makes sense to keep the vehicle properly tuned and functioning properly.

Read the operator's manual. When all else fails, read the directions. How can you drive the vehicle efficiently if you do not know how the vehicle.

We could spend a whole website on this topic. Just take some downtime and learn the ins and outs of your car or truck and its maintenance needs. Let's look at more fuel saving tips.

Choke. Use the choke properly. Let the automatic choke run until the engine is warmed up. Then disengage it. Two minutes should be more than enough. The automatic choke on my old 1979 F150 is a real gas hog.
Idle. Again, do not let the vehicle idle for long periods of time. To save on fuel, if you know you will be sitting for over a minute, shut it down. Especially if you are in the newer fuel injected vehicles.

Oil. make sure you have the proper level of oil in the vehicle. Also, run your engine on clean oil. Dirty oil is abrasive and will act as a sandblaster to you engine components.

When the oil is dark, change the oil and keep changing fairly often until it is clean. this will rid your engine of carbon buildup.

Also, use the proper oil. It is best to use a high grade oil. If you use a synthetic oil, it is still only good if the oil is clean.

Synthetic oil will not breakdown as soon, but will still get dirty. Normally, use low viscosity oils. Again check your owners manual for your needs.

Metal Conditioners. A good quality metal conditioner will protect the metal surface of the engine when oil pressure is low, especially at startup.

As of now I am still using Ethos FR and am having good results. It is not considered to be an engine additive, but rather an fuel reformulator with over 200 esters to help clean and lubricate the engine components. Most of your synthetic oils contain around 5 to 8 esters.

Clean Filters. A very simple maintenance task is to make sure your filters are clean. Always change your oil filter each time you change the oil.
Check your air filter as well and gain go by the recommendations to change your air filter as per your operators manual. Clean gas filters are also essential.

When I first started using Ethos Fr, the gunk in the fuel system such as varnish was loosened, clogging up my filter. Gas mileage dropped as a result. Now the system is achieving about 10% increase in miles per gal than before using Ethos Fr.

Proper Tune Up. Here is a no brainer. Your vehicle should be tuned properly for top efficiency. Make sure your spark plugs, spark plug wires, timing and the like is tuned properly. this should be looked at twice a year. Get a recommended mechanic to do this for you.

Not only the engine, but when looking at fuel saving tips, make sure your transmission is adjusted properly. This should be done at least every 25,000 miles.

Proper Tire Maintenance. Not only should you make sure your tires have the right pressure, you should also make sure you are running on the right type of tires for your vehicle.

It is best to go with narrow tires or radials for your vehicle. Use the proper size tire. A reduction in tire diameter will reduce your forward movement effectiveness by as much as 4%.

Again, look at the recommendation form your owner's manual. Make sure the tires are rotated regularly. also,make sure the wheels are aligned properly. Do not mix tire sizes and

Reduce Wind Resistance. Any appendage such as mirrors or antennas causes drag and reduces your MPG (Miles per Gallon. My 1979 F150 has the wide "trailer mirrors", but they are on their for nostalgia. I really do not need them.
Look in to inside antennas. Also, get rid of mud flaps, visors, roof racks and the like. Fuel saving tips for trucks: removing your tailgate does not really work to reduce drag. check out the "flow through" after market gates available.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean. Both inside and outside. Not only does it look better, but it will be more efficient.

You will have less friction, you will see trouble starting before it gets bad, your engine will be cooler and your mechanic will have more respect for you.

Save at the Pump. You buy gas by volume, not weight. Liquids normally contract when cold. so buy your fuel in the early morning when it is colder thereby gaining you a little on the volume.

Do not fill your tank to the brim. Fuel will expand when heated - just the opposite of contracting when cooled. Another of the fuel saving tips is to just fill the tank to the first shut off. That way you will not have any spillover.

Fuel Reformulators. Consider adding a fuel additive or reformulator to your fuel system.

Ethos FR is a unique combination of high-quality, non-toxic, specially designed esters that uses only the elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.....

This combination of low molecular weight cleaning esters and high molecular weight lubricating esters, reformulates any fuel whether its gasoline, diesel, methanol, ethanol, LNG, compressed natural gas or bio-diesel.....

An, EPA registered laboratory, confirms that Ethos FR is 99.99976% clean upon ignition and ash less upon combustion. Ethos FR is free of carcinogens.

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