Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HHO Generator Store

I am creating the HHO Generator Store page as a resource for those interested in comparing and purchasing hydrogen generators and the needed accessories. As many of you may know, I have been supplying the Water4Gas generators over the past year and actually was doing quite well with it until the economic slowdown in the Fall of 2008.

I very much appreciate those who purchased HHO generators from my family. I must admit it kept us all going. it was indeed a family operation involving my wife Lynette and my younger son Joshua.

Enviromentally Friendly

It also took a toll on us in regard to time. Between teaching high school chemistry and coaching and trying to be a manufacturer, purchaser, customer service representative .... there were times I could not keep up. It was a great blessing when gas prices dropped. Relief at the pump and time relief for the family.

With that said, Joshua will be leaving the nest in a few months. he was the one that did the wiring for the water4Gas generators. Lynette is also working full time with the YMCA and i will be teaching through the summer in our Academic Associates Reading Center as well as coaching.

Gas is already on the rise in most of the United States and I am already getting inquiries about HHO generators. Just to let you know, we will not be making or supplying HHO units any time soon. so i would like to make recommendations on the few companies I believe produce quality hydrogen electrolyzers and are able to back up their products with good customer service.

The new Dry Cell is an all stainless steel unit that is one of the best electrolyzer values available. FuelSaver-MPG has offered the best products and the best service for EFIE devices.

More manufacturers will be added to the HHO Generator Store page in the weeks to come. Be sure to plan ahead and get your vehicles fuel efficient because higher gas prices are just around the corner.


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