Friday, August 26, 2011

Tech Dreams: Solar-Powered Laptop

It’s far from being a reality, but an Italian product designer has a vision for solar-powered laptops.

The Luce Solar Panel Powered PC is by Andrea Ponti would be powered by two solar cells, one behind the monitor and the other under a keyboard, writes Get Solar.

Ponti is an industrial designer whose research is focused on international projects between Italy and Japan; his design portfolio is nothing short of impressive (check out his amazing Sustainable Water Container).

Energy conversion and battery life are the key elements that need to be improved to make this product a commercial reality. But as the Get Solar article points out, there is a technology called electronic ink display that is very energy efficient and which could provide the answer for it.

For now, the closer you’ll get to a solar power experience at the laptop is sitting at a cafe on a sunny day with a cup of coffee. Luce, however, is definitely a snapshot of things to come.

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