Thursday, August 4, 2011

Recycle onion skin

The problem of waste generated daily by a family should be treated with proper management of waste, to achieve a proper discarding of themselves, with a possible separation of trash in their respective containers, or simply looking to Recycle waste, to give it a new use.

On this occasion, has added a new material that can be recycled, discovering beneficial properties for various uses, including food ingredients, coupled with the removal of substances beneficial to health.

This material is extracted from the waste of onions, which estimated a demand for a recycling of the bulbs, which can be drawn from compounds azufrados and fructanos (makers of the itching eyes and nose) that skin Brown and the outer layers are available fiber and flavonoids.

While it is not a definitive solution to the problem of waste, is to consider that it is a considerable aid to reduce the nearly 500,000 tons of waste generated annually (figure estimated by the European Union) which not only creates problems of infrastructure, but also has its impact on the impact environmental.

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