Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The innovative roof ecologico Brooklyn children's Museum

It The children of Brooklyn Museum in New York is the first Museum of the city to obtain the certification LEED silver. In its design it strikes us fundamentally its very new flag with a green roof transparent. He told you.

The Brooklyn children Museum has as one of its foundations be respectful of the environment. Therefore for enlargement has been oriented towards a sustainable construction and ecological.

The ceiling will comprise a kind of ready-made awning with a transparent material called ETFE, which is a plastic heat derived from fluoride-resistant. This material has been chosen because it makes a very high resistance to temperature and high durability.

From inside the compound which is perceived is a similar effect to that feels under the shade of the trees, with the Sun's rays entering among the foliage. An is architecturally beautiful take advantage of natural light in a comfortable way.

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