Monday, August 29, 2011

Climate Change: Affect Forests In The Basque Country

neiker-tecnalia has carried out a study on trends in the future distribution of habitats in the mountains of the Basque country. One of the conclusions thrown in his research indicates that climate change may alter the conditions for the growth of one of the most iconic trees of the region: the oak.

The research was carried out on the basis of scenarios more pessimistic and serious of the climate change into the future. From this hypothesis, stated for the 2080, forests of oak in the Basque country will be subject to a significant or near-total reduction of their habitat. This is due to that in the Basque country, already not meet variables of temperature and humidity necessary for their development. Experts believe that this study shows the trend of the mediterraneizaciĆ³n of the forests in the Basque country.

On the basis of the results, and assuming that the scattering power of this tree allows it, it is possible to be a trend to the migration of the forests of Oaks to the North of Europe. The study shows that the oak would lose potential Habitat to make way for other Mediterranean species, such as the Mediterranean Alcornoque.

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