Monday, August 1, 2011

Invasive algae sea urchins

In many cases, the inclusion of an invasive species to a particular ecosystem causes massive damage to the rest of the native species, either in general form as an individual, affecting only one, as it is in the case of sea urchins, which has been shown recently, are being heavily affected.

A recent study by Spanish researchers from the University of Girona has been revealed the involvement of marine alien species, mainly type macroalgaein the decrease in the diversity of the funds of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the affected species is that of the Sea urchins, which can only reverse the effect of these seaweed at an early stage, being outnumbered widely when invasive species begin a mass reproduction, acting as direct, consuming these species, or as indirect, eating other species that they serve as a substrate to algae.

This analysis gives clues about how it must be a population control of these exotic species that have a fundamental impact on the reduction of the diversity of marine ecosystems, as well as causing numerous damages that can be economically.

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