Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dump of Nerva

The problem of waste, treatment, management and harvesting always lies in storage, and is there when different standards are put into force, with defaults on the landfill of Sedases, or more serious offences such as Nerva landfill fire, to which is added a controversial new.

The activist organization Ecologists in action has made a recent requested the Consejería de Medio Ambiente which requested the revocation of the authorization that allows the operation of Landfill of Nerva, with its subsequent final closure.

This request is based on the aforementioned fire, joined another occurred a few hours ago, and other incidents that have been reported in a timely manner by the Organization, to the Department, which among different spread of waste on the road.

This problem is added pollution of Rio Tinto, by various discharges that would be from this landfill, joined the health risks which set out the nearby villages, which had been requested to also know the obligations that must be completed BEFESA, who manages and should monitor this dump signature.

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