Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VII course of expert professional wind energy

With the passage of time wind power has been surpassing nuclear energy in the nominal capacity of installation at Spain.

For this reason, every time you will find more formations that can Recycle you and train you on this important topic but you will find one better?

Within the program that offers the UNED you learn:

Description of wind energy systems:

The wind and the location. Wind resources
Components of eólicosTipología systems and dimensioning of wind systemsinstallation of Eolian systems:

Security in installations eólicasTodos the master and courses offered by the UNED distance, you can communicate with your tutor or teacher through a tutoring telematics through the internet.

You can also enjoy another kind of energy and green building courses as:

Twelfth course of expert professional Energy photovoltaic III course of expert professional analysis, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems connected to RedVIII course of expert professional in home automation and Inmotics VII course expert professional equipment and Electrical facilities II course of professional expert in Biomass energy VII course of expert professional in Wind energyII master's degree in renewable energy and system EléctricoII course of University expert in Building energy Manager IV course professional expert in Efficient maintenance of facilities in major buildingsin what would you like to specialize?

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