Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recycling of plastic bags

Much we talked about on our blogs the need to address the problem of plastic bags so much damage caused to the environment.. Today we will stop over in detail to meet one of the possible ways for solution: recycling.

They plastic bags are composed of a material thermoplastic, i.e., a material that is capable of being repeatedly ablandado by applying heat and then hardens to cool down. Therefore it can be recycled.

Let's see what happens with plastic bags since we left them in the containers for recycling:

First, separate the bags of other types of plastics that will follow a different process. Then usually do a quality control of the material. A check of the material is also performed to see if it is contaminated with waste from food. In that case derived you in first step to a "cleaning process". The next step is to melt the plastic. The softened plastic is forced through an extruder. What would this be? then something similar to what happens in mass games for children, that they pass through a kind of "sieve" and then leave as if it were spaghetti. Then gives way to the plastic before being cut with a blade. The final result obtained generally are a few small pieces or balls of plastic, which are then used in the manufacture of other plastic products.

Something important to take into account is the basic rule of the "3 R", according to her, recycling is only a part of the solution. What is crucial is to reduce and Recycle.

When we talk about reducing the idea is to avoid as much as possible, the use, delivery, or the purchase of these bags. Some practical suggestions so that we can lower the amount of plastic bags:

Search for other types of bags or equivalents that are not disposable. For example, bags of cloth or rope, baskets, baskets or boxes. If you have a plastic bag her not tire after the first use. Use this as many times as possible. For example, use them to store food, for storing clothing or other objects. Once broken bag (in fact not often resist much) make sure that it will not dump, and instead leave it in the container for plastic recycling.
Something important to keep in mind is that there are two different types of plastic bags, according to the type of material of which they are composed: 1. HDPE plastic bags - high density polyethylene. They are the thinner bags. These bags are in most cases aptar for recycling.
2. plastic LDPE bags - low-density polyethylene. They are thicker bags, which are usually not suitable for recycling.

Another good alternative is to use bags of plastic biodegradable. We told you more about them:

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