Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reduce consumption electric Intelligy

The advantages of the technological progress in the world of energy mean that many of these implementations revolve around an energy saving, which is not only an economic advantage, but a matter of State, that benefited long-term in alleviating the energy deficit that has a particular population, if the intakes are lower.

On this occasion, we have encountered with the presentation of a named device as Intelligy, that as his name is indicating, it is pointed to an intelligent consumption of energy power, easy to use and that will allow us to manage the spending power of a home, Office or any environment.

Of course, this requires an entire infrastructure, with electronic devices that connect wirelessly with this invention, which has the mission to simply monitor how much consumed in periodically, weekly or monthly, and assess a proposal for the user to consume less electricity.

It is easily controllable with a touch screen and a simple, intuitive GUI also scheduled to give an alert when we forget a device is switched on or when we're doing an unnecessary expense.

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