Friday, November 25, 2011

Cataratas del Niagara

As its name implies, this is not a simple waterfall, but a combination of several of them, located in the Niagara River basin, located in eastern North America, and that just makes a border between the United States and Canada.

As we have said, is comprised of several waterfalls situated at a height of 236 meters above sea level, and with a fall of approximately 52 meters, currently stationed with an area of ​​strong environmental conservation policies and resorts Niagara Falls (New York) on the U.S. side, and Niagara Falls (Ontario) Canadian side.

His background is in the time of glaciation, which ended about 10,000 years ago, which formed the Great Lakes area, due to the action of a large glacier that excavated soil and deepened some channels today make these lakes.

Among the falls is a small portion of landmass comprising Goat Island (in English, Goat Island) a facility that is a natural boundary between Canada and the United States and is completely uninhabited.

As we have said, the Niagara Falls consist of a conglomeration of cataracts, so there are three different and distinct groups together:

American Falls: Coming from the New York side, the most extensive and voluminous despite not having great height, making them the largest tributary area Lake.Cataratas Great Canadians: From smaller than American, enclosing between them the Isle of CabraCataradas Bridal Veil: the smallest of this conglomeration

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