Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hydraulic energy community

Community energy is increasing. Due to rising energy costs traditional investments are receding, is not surprising that the communities are uniting to take care of this need. Today I will talk about a project of hydroelectricity carried out by a community in the North of England.

Esk Energy Whitby in North Yorkshire, England, It has issued bonds for £ 320,000 (367.000 euros) to install on the River Esk a hydroelectric turbine 50kw Archimedes and "fish friendly" (that is, non-aggressive fish). With it, is expected to generate enough energy to supply 55 households.

The purpose of the project is generating clean energy and reduce carbon emissions, also be able to channel the income generated by the generation of energy to make more local renewable energy projects. And while sales of shares were mainly geared in the local area, the media attention that the plan has won appears to be attracting investors from throughout the country.

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