Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Solar panels

Solar panels are devices designed to capture part of the solar radiation and turn it into solar energy so that it can be used by man.

Two types of solar panelscan be distinguished:

Solar thermal panels: called thermal solar collectors, convert light into heat. There are two types of solar thermal: air and water collectors.

The collectors of water, water circulates the tubes fitted with fins. For best performance, the set is placed in a box of insulating glass as a greenhouse effect is achieved with this. With good Sun, and if the hot water needs are moderated, a simple network may be sufficient.

The fins, forming what is called the absorbent, are heated by solar radiation and transmits its heat to water that flows through the tubes. The water collectors are used for heating and/or to produce sanitary hot water.

Air collectors, is the air that circulates and is heated in contact with the absorbent. The air so hot is then vented heating environments or used in the sheds for drying of agricultural products.

Photovoltaic solar panels: called photovoltaic modules, convert light into electricity.In both cases, panels are generally flat, with several meters of width and length.

They are designed to facilitate installation and its price is fixed so that they can be used both for domestic and industrial applications.Solar panels are, at present, more economically viable than the photovoltaic modules. Solar panels are the building blocks of most of the production of solar energy equipment.

Interest in the use of solar panels emerges quickly when you know that a photovoltaic generator 329 km. could cover all of the


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