Monday, October 17, 2011

Bio-ethanol fireplaces

Since the fire and the chimneys came to life of human beings, materials that have been used for combustion have been the firewood, coal and oil.In comparison with the chimneys of bioethanol, the old produce polluting gases that course, they are harmful to the environment, and no longer as long term, for the society.

Bio-ethanol is a fuel that can be produced by plants, which qualifies it as a source of sustainable energy as it does not pollute and can be economically more accessible when compared to common fossil fuels. At the same time, it is considered renewable energy since its base are natural resources that can grow without difficulty.

Based on this reasoning, the chimneys of bioethanol should truly attractive to the consumer. And not only the environmental benefit, but at the same time these fireplaces don't need channels, neither shot nor extractor, because there no odour or smoke after being burned, they emit only water vapor and the amount of carbon dioxide equals three candles.You can now have many varieties of chimneys of bioethanol up can pass as an decorative element in the room and given that you don't have channels, choose the placement of this somewhere in the House will be a real adventure for the extensive possibilities.

Now you can find models with locations as varied as a wall or in the traditional way on the ground, so much so that you can convert your conventional fireplace in a bioethanol fireplace.When you decide to buy a bioethanol fireplace you should consider some factors that need regular ventilation of the room, therefore, you will need Windows and doors to carry it out.When Burns bio-ethanol in the chimney can you see how it will changing color or you can even make noises, but quiet, these are natural materials. At first can smell metal or fuel, if you mind the smell airing for a few minutes.

Once we have acquired a bioethanol fireplace not can't be turned on in another type of materials, similarly, bio-ethanol must be saved in a place without sunlight and heat, far from the reach of children. In today's society we live should be a requirement awareness and real commitment to the environment, encouraging and giving facilities to consumers to purchase this type of ecological fireplaces.

Bioethanol is really a safe bet that when consumed, follows the atmosphere the same amount of carbon dioxide than the amount that has absorbed the plant during his lifetime. Therefore, there would be an increase in CO2, they would favour a true balance.Source:

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