Wednesday, October 26, 2011


But perhaps many still do not know what this issue, and what is the separation of waste, for which we have prepared a brief review to internalize on general issues of this theme.

A process involving the nature and physical and chemical properties of each material that makes up a particular object, which are strictly related to its ability to produce food for microorganisms (in the case of wastes derived from vegetable origin or organic) is defined as biodegradability either amino acids, tissues, and new substances.

This capability can be given in its natural state, or by a progressive transformation which involves various factors of the environment, taking into account the oxidation, their interaction with the open, among other factors.

Firstly, we should point out that there are two types of materials that can be classified generally follows:

Biodegradable organic mostly material s:, It can be degraded shaped aerobic (used oxygen) or anaerobic (with interaction of micro-organisms that do not need oxygen)

Non biodegradable
: includes those materials that of itself does not can be degraded, as in the case of the glass, but also to Biodegradable material requiring an excessively high time either outstrip the ability of microorganisms to its process. A clear example of these materials are the plastics.

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