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are often chemical contaminants, but may be in the form of energy (sound, heat, or light), or even genes that contaminate a living organism. Sometimes the contaminant is a natural, but their common point is caused disruption and generally negative, it is due to human activity.

The Blacksmith Institute, an NGO that is responsible for analyzing the pollution in the world, has ranked countries according to their level of pollution, being the first classification of the 2007 report: Azerbaijan, China, India, Peru, Russia, Ukraine and Zambia.2

We have already mentioned the decline of biodiversity, the hole in the ozone layer, water degradation, deforestation and annoying noises, now talk about the pollution that is perhaps the fundamental factor that damages the environment.

As we know, there are different forms of pollution on the planet Earth. All forms of pollution are harmful to the environment. Now, however, mention the air pollution but we must not forget that any kind of pollution is as bad.

Air pollution in urban areas, characterized by the presence of fine particles (aerosols, including carbon) and urban smog (including ozone) is quite noticeable and cause premature death each year 2.3 million people in around the world, of which 400,000 are in Europe, according to the world Meteorological Organization and the European Commission.

Currently in Europe there are many levels of air quality as the number of cities there. Each city has developed its own scale and its own representation. The data, both centralized and standardized, are updated every day and during all hours of the day, both air pollution and traffic pollution, especially in areas close to roads.

These indexes are considered the most problematic pollutants of major European cities in which nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ozone (O3) and particulate matter (PM) top the list. The assessment of air quality based on European regulations for pollution episodes and on the limit values ​​should not be exceeded.

As we see, and we have only mentioned the form of air pollution, this is one of the main causes of damage to our environment.

We have a series of articles related to pollution ElBlogVerde trying to denounce the degradation suffered by the various ecosystems of the world.

We leave also some videos documentaries on pollution trying to raise awareness of environmental degradation.

Just as, for some time, we put special emphasis on everything related to global warming, we have also made ​​an issue of vital importance for the preservation of our environment such as pollution.

We believe that pollution is not a minor issue and, therefore, we believe that the populations of all countries, not only in Spain, should be knowledgeable about a subject so important to mankind as this is because of pollution concerns us and hurts us all and in all countries. If there is no pollution, a healthier lifestyle is possible.

Air pollution, soil, water and many other types of pollution do nothing but endanger our environment. But what is the magnitude of the threat, what are the consequences on our health and chances are about it?

The uncertainty is large enough for many people and, therefore, considered desirable to leave here a series of articles explaining in detail the situation facing all living beings on the planet. Surely, there are many people interested in exploring more about the issue of contamination to learn how to avoid or at least do something to decrease rather than increase it.

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