Friday, October 7, 2011

Plant species vary ecosystems

Has been mentioned numerous times in the incidence of the different plant invasive species in different ecosystems, and alterations that can produce, causing not only changes in the behaviour of the animals who are looking for your specific food, but also to threaten plant species that are native and indigenous to a region, among other related negative impacts.

A recent study led by researchers at the Department of ecology, evolution and biology has found evidence that the majority of plant species have vital importance in the functioning of an ecosystem, changing according to the environmental conditions and acting on up to 84% of the varieties, as the basis of a particular ecosystem, being the point of inflection between all the species present.

This is indistinct from one or two species in particular, the amount of plant species has its specific role and they interact among themselves to be the basis of all learning environment, including in contexts of changes in the environment, which have interference in the Nitrogen cycle, its absorption and removal of aqueous bodies, as well as its ability to absorb carbon dioxideof course.

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