Sunday, April 29, 2012

Water Up with a BIBO Water Filter

It’s well known that bottled water is a demon (or favorite punching bag) of the green community. Plastic is filling up our environment and even taking over huge patches of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Additionally, shipping bottled water all across the world is, to say the least, a bit absurd. Unfortunately, while the water coming out of the tap in many places may be fine for drinking, in some places, you’re really better off with cleaner water.

There are different options for ensuring that you’re drinking clean water. One of the most obvious is a water filter and dispenser in your home. BIBO is one such company now offering a water dispenser for home, and its dispenser will heat or cool your water while it’s at it.

I think I first ran across BIBO last year when someone shared a “10 Bottled Water Facts” info graphic (created by the company). The company is only a year old — it was founded in 2011 and started offering its home water dispensers in June 2011 —  and is just a 4-person team right now.

The formation of the company and BIBO’s products seems to have come out of a desire to help the environment. Founder Jonathan Brown was actually a bottled water pioneer in the UK in the late 80s. After some years in that field, however, he realized the environmental damage being done by the industry. So, he went on to develop filtered mains water dispensers for the workplace by forming Connect Water Systems. Reportedly, Connect has helped 200,000 companies move away from bottled water. In 2011, Brown (and a few others) expanded into the home sector with BIBO.

BIBO’s website states: “Bottled water is becoming harder to justify. Not only is it environmentally unsound to ship water hundreds, or thousands, of miles. It’s also well known that polycarbonate bottles can leach chemicals into the water they carry.” Very true.

So, if you’re in the market for a good water filter/dispenser, you might want to check out BIBO’s offerings.

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