Sunday, April 8, 2012

Alternative Energy and Its Significance in Our Lives

Alternative energy means the production of energy or electricity by using any alternative source such as water, sun, heat etc. These alternative sources do not have any side effects on the environment but are helping humans to save their money. Only such sources of generating alternative energy are selected which may not damage the environment.

Significance of Alternative Energy

It has much significance. You can generate power with very low prices and do not have to pay expensive electricity bills anymore. Another significance, is that you can generate power at home. Whether you have read physics or not, you can still generate power by using alternative sources.

Sources of Alternative Energy

I. Solar Power

Solar power is obtained by converting sun light into electricity or hot water.

How does Alternative Energy produce power from it?

The cells which are made up of silicon are used for this purpose. When cells having silicon are exposed to sunlight, they automatically produce electricity. If you want to utilize by solar power, place cells on such places where they may receive maximum amount of sun light. Open roofs are the best places for replacing these cells. Cells will get excess amount of sun energy directly there.

II. Hydro Power

Hydro means water and hydro power means generation of power from water turbines.

How does Alternative Energy produce from it?

Small water turbines are made for generating hydro power. Water turbines are set into flowing stream of water. Then hydro power is automatically generated in the streams of water.

III. Wind Power

Wind power means generation of power by using wind.

How does Alternative Energy produce from it?

Special turbines are designed which can store wind power and are capable of generating wind power. Such turbines are set at the top of tall towers. Turbines on a tall tower generate power kinetically by using wind.

IV. Ethanol and Biodiesel

Ethanol is used as alternative of gasoline while biodiesel is an alternative fuel of petroleum diesel. They can be used in all such vehicles where gasoline, petroleum and diesel are used. They do not affect vehicles or their speed but help you to save your money by stop paying high prices of petroleum and diesel.

Reasons behind the use of Alternative Energy

There are several reasons which insisted people to search for alternative sources of energy. All countries of the world are facing problems like shortage of fuels and gases. Their shortage increased their prices. When there was no stability in the prices, people started looking for alternative sources of energy. The high prices of gases and fuels could not solve their shortage problem but lessen their demand.

People prefer to use alternative sources of energy now instead of using expensive fuels and gases. Another reason behind the use of alternative energy is that people can neither afford nor want to pay expensive charges of electricity. The prices of electricity are too unstable and keep on rising. Therefore, people prefer to use alternative sources now.

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