Friday, April 6, 2012

Energia hidroelectric without dams

1. Kinetic hydropower

Hydro Green Energy has developed a set of turbines that operate according to the principle of hydro-kinetics. These modular turbines can be download and upload with the help of a crane aboard, so it is easier to carry out peacekeeping operations and eliminate the need to dive below the surface of the water for purposes of control. A floating raft acts as a platform for any operation can be carried out. The capacity of each set of turbines is 250 kW.

This innovative for hydroelectric energy generation method that aquatic life is not altered, maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. Unlike conventional hydropower, does not need to build a dam to generate electricity because the only requirement is that water there is flowing.

2 Turbines FlipWing

Hydrovolts Seattle Inc. He launched the turbine called the FlipWing during 2010, in order to generate electricity without the use of dams. The important thing about this technology is that the turbine can be used to generate energy in the shallow waters, which serves as a solution for those areas where the bodies of water are not deep. The turbine is completely submerged and leaves are pushed by the current generating rotation.

This technology is believed to be capable of generating around 4 kW of power. The company is currently working on the construction of turbines of different sizes.

The FlipWing turbine can be used in water supply and irrigation channels, offering water sources areas little deep the opportunity to generate their own energy hydroelectric.

3. CARE Electric energy

Johann Hoffmann is a name that is synonymous with ecological inventions. Continuing its legacy of patented innovative concepts, Hoffmann had developed CARE Electric energy, a turbine that generates electricity while protecting marine life and ensures the passage of small boats.

The system is suspended in the middle of the bodies of water flowing, while the leaves of the turbine revolve by water flow and pressure that builds up behind the installation. The system generates up to 90 per cent of the total capacity of the generator, which is substantially higher than conventional systems.

Unlike conventional ones, the system can work year-round to generate a good supply of electricity. What is most impressive, however, is that the Electric CARE system allows the passage of fish, and small boats making it easier to maintain the ecological balance and giving way to transport and trade.


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