Monday, March 12, 2012

A sustainable world

We are used to see how the companies seek only their own benefit, which usually correspond to leave his mark on environmental protection, but when a company is working to achieve both issues not always is news, but yes for this blog.

It is the time to start telling the achievements, make mention of companies which work for sustainability. We speak of Acciona.

Acciona is a company that is committed to sustainable development and achieves it through three fundamental aspects: innovation, environment and its Master Plan.


Acciona spends increasingly more budget for innovation, but innovation that respects the environment hence its important presence in programs of innovation of the Government and at the same time, its presence in the European framework.

Its innovation projects focus on renewable energy, construction and sustainable transport, water technologies focusing on this very precious asset management.


One of the most important aspects in this undertaking is the introduction of the environmental variable in its decisions and operations.

Its programme "To act against climate change" is focused on the control and reduction of emissions, build mechanisms and markets of carbon, the search for new products and services, and in turn, promote awareness and awareness through social debate on climate change.

Master plan

Acciona as time-consuming working for sustainability because they are aware that things must be done in another way in which natural resources are respected, and the important thing is that it can be achieved.

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