Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 Reliable Suppliers Of Alternative Energy

1. Amelot Holdings is a US based company specializing in development of ethanol and biodiesel plants. It establishes relationships between the researchers and suppliers of alternative energy. The company facilitates joint ventures and mergers between the research facilities and the manufacturers of alternative energy. Thus, there is exchange of information and technology which helps to promote the growth of the alternative energy industry.

2. Environmental Power is another alternative energy supplier. It has two subsidiaries namely Microgy and Buzzard Power. Microgy undertakes research and development in the field of alternative energy. It has developed a cost-effective biogas facility by making use of agricultural and plant waste. It focuses on eco-friendly production of renewable energy like biogas to compare with the standards of natural gas. The biogas is used in combustion engines, and for heating homes and offices. Buzzard Power has an 83MW power facility to generate 'green' energy from coal waste.

Environmental Power has been in existence from the year 1982 and has a long history of development in the field of clean energy. The company has developed and operated municipal waste projects and hydroelectric plants and assisted in clean gas generation and energy recovery. It has a team of experts from the agriculture and finance sectors to manage the business and help its growth and expansion.

3. Intrepid Technology and Resources Incorporated (ITR) processes animal waste into natural gas as an alternative energy resource. America's supply of natural gas is depleting. ITR believes that the two billion ton animal waste produced every year can be used to generate natural gas to tide over the deficit. Their 'organic waste digesters' built close to the sites of the organic waste, produce clean methane gas which is a viable option to natural gas. The company is based in Idaho but plans to expand its operations to the whole country.

4. Nathaniel Energy generates energy from waste matter. The company has devised s system known as Total Value Preservation System (TVPS) which sees the potential of waste materials to generate energy. Industrial waste matter which would have otherwise been discarded or destroyed is being put to optimum use to recover the trapped energy. The production costs towards generation of alternative energy are equivalent to the costs incurred by a company to install pollution control systems and preventions. TVPS is an innovative technology which recovers valuable resources that other processes fail to do.

There are many companies such as those listed above, which use innovative technology to augment our diminishing supply of natural resources by adopting environmentally safe methods to generate alternative energy or renewable energy. There is a need to invest in research towards finding alternative sources of energy as a replacement to fossil fuels. The future of the world depends on industries which can help to achieve this goal. The governments of the various countries need to co-operate in terms of exchange of ideas and information to solve the problems of global warming and environmental pollution. Alternative energy suppliers like the above mentioned companies can play a major role in this process and the government can promote these companies by providing them subsidies.

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