Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Alternative energy - the advantages

Your continued use of fossil fuels has come under a lot of scrutiny recently. We hear about alternative energy and how it should be used instead of fossil fuels. He entertained in this thinking? I wonder what are the advantages of the use of alternative energy and how it can benefit from it?

It will answer these questions for you, but first, let's be clear about what renewable or alternative energy. Alternative energy is the term used for non-fossil energy sources. Although not all the alternative renewable energy sources, for our purposes of discussion, we shall confine ourselves to renewable energy resources.

Renewable energy sources are those that can not be exhausted and will therefore never be implemented. Examples of these are Sun, wind, water, tides, waves and still many others. To illustrate this point, imagine using wind energy to generate electricity for your home. The wind is always in the atmosphere, blowing in your environment. His strength and speed is not always the same, but you can be sure that the use of this energy now will not decrease its offer of wind in the future.

In fact, this is an obvious advantage of the use of renewable or alternative energy. To differ from fossil fuels where the supply of which is in rapid decline, never have to worry about running out of renewable energy. It will not happen.

Another very important advantage of the use of alternative energy is its contribution to environmental well-being. The burning of fossil fuels, a necessary process in turning them into a consumable energy, pollute the environment in a manner not repairable. Global warming, or global warming of the Earth due to the increased emission of GHGs in the atmosphere, is a problem very prevalent faced around the world. And fossil fuels are a major contributor to this environmental concern.

On the other hand, the use of renewable energy sources do not bring a higher emission of greenhouse gases because burning is no longer required for its use. Also, alternative energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, energy from hydro, tidal energy and wave energy are clean and unpolluted. Thus, in addition to not add to pollution by greenhouse gases improved, these types of alternative energy do not contribute to other forms of environmental degradation. Everything that affects the use of renewable energy sources entails, is minimal compared to the consequences of the use of fossil fuels.

In addition, the use of alternative energy will benefit the local economy because we no longer need to import fossil fuels to generate electricity. Will now be generated locally electricity, also will mean more employment opportunities for the locals.

The use of alternative energy sometimes require substantial investments of capital, but in the long run, no doubt will be more profitable for the economy or investor, especially because the offer is virtually free. And more importantly, will be the lowest cost to the environment.

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