Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lithium air batteries

As an alternative to conventional vehicles, electric vehicles are one of the promises of the future. Because they cause less pollution and not dependent on fossil fuels, electric vehicles are a viable option for transport over the coming years. However, not everything is as simple as it seems.

In recent years, a number of studies have been conducted to be able to judge the popularity of the vehicles electrical. And while there are many people who would love to buy these Green cars also there are a lot of people who prefers the traditional gasoline vehicles.

Why? Well, the answer is quite simple: EVs have no conventional speed of vehicles , have less autonomy and there is also a lack of facilities for cargo. But perhaps the most important factor is the cost, even with the tax facilities in many countries is the purchase of an EV, many people cannot afford them.

To partly offset these problems, scientists have developed litio-aire batteries for electric vehicles. Thanks to the implementation of this technology be could, for example, provide a better range of autonomy for so electric vehicles can travel longer distances.

The litio-aire batteries used two electrolytes: a metal (lithium) and the other is oxygen. Now, generally each battery has an anode and a cathode. When chemical reactions take place, the electric current flows through the battery. In the litio-aire batteries, there is a cathode, oxygen. The batteries are operated to come into contact with the oxygen present in the atmosphere. That allows to be light in weight.

When they are commercially available and if all goes as planned, the batteries of litio-aire bring us closer to a future better and greener. Lithium air batteries have the ability to store a huge amount of energy: up to 5,000 watt-hours per kilogram.

This is even more than the hydrogen fuel cells. The batteries of litio-aire is estimated to have capacity of up to five to ten times more energy storage than a lithium-ion battery. Thus, with these batteries in the car, there will be need to recharge the vehicle each one few hours in case that you want to travel great distances.

The main difficulties of the lithium air batteries

The batteries of litio-aire have their share of disadvantages. Although some assume that once it succeeds in passing, they probably revolucionarán have an EV.

Firstly, the remains of the reactions accumulate in the cathode in the batteries of litio-aire. This makes the passage of air difficult.

Secondly, the automotive industry itself is so great, that a large amount of lithium would have to be used to provide a massive production EVs with battery litio-aire. This is a gigantic task. Thirdly, the manufacture of the litio-aire batteries cost a fortune, and it is still difficult to such spending and investment is seen as profitable commercial eyes business's most important automobiles of the world.

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