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Use the power of the Sun as a source of alternative energy and save

Getting the world to shift away from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources whenever and wherever possible is the reason for this article because i really believe in a better tomorrow with a cleaner planet for everyone to enjoy.

Having crystal clear water to drink fresh from any source anywhere without having to clean it with chemicals and processes and fresh clean air to breath without any co2's or diesel fuel emission or any other chemicals in it which makes up the soup we breath today - should be our rights. With all the natural disasters like floods and hurricanes and the continually changing weather patterns should be enough to make everyone think seriously of using alternate green sources of energy to supply energy needs.

So, that being said i think everyone should try to convert totally or at least half of all their energy needs from gas / coal or electricity ( from electrical plants ) to alternative clean energy sources - be it wind power, solar power or zero point power which is made using magnets or even wave and tidal power. Lead by example and people will follow. I myself own an adult electric tricycle and i use it for all my intercity trips ( shopping / visiting ), it saves me on gas and works even in the winter. I get compliments all the time for how cool it is and let me say just about everybody wants one.

Solar Power Your Life

Did you know that harnessing and converting the energy coming from our Sun as a source is one of the coolest and most talked about ways for producing alternative energy these days? Using solar panels to gather the heat rays from the Sun and then convert them into electricity is just starting to catch on and you can learn to use it to power your lights in your home or instead of gas to heat your home. You can also convert your car to electricity and just plug it in to recharge it at your own house for next to nothing. Hey business owners you can power your business with solar power too. The best thing about converting your home and business to solar power is that it can and will be able to take care of all of everyone's energy needs far into the future at a fraction of the cost of purchasing from electrical retailers and will only create a fraction of the pollutants.

In researching which alternative energy source to use you will want to make sure that you seriously take solar power into consideration by learning all the advantages this alternative power source has to offer, it would well be worth your time and effort to do the research before starting any project.

Money Concerns Will Make You Take Solar Power Seriously

Pretty soon everyone will have to start taking solar power seriously anyway because purchasing electricity from retailers is going to start taking up more and more of peoples disposable incomes and soon will become to expensive for the average family and it's up to you to lead the way and convert your home to a clean alternate energy source and to make sure all of the others in your family get into thinking how to save energy and use it more wisely while they're still young and impressionable. Try making up games to play together for brainstorming ideas on how to save energy. Here's a couple of ideas to start off with - 1 - sell off a TV set so the family can gather in one room to watch TV together instead of separately on different sets, just doing this can save some money and bring your family back together as a loving family unit for a result and - 2 - convert you car to electricity and save on transportation costs and at the same time you will be helping to save the environment too.

Modern Times Call for Modern Thinking

It is the modern times and there are modern ways to approach things like electricity and transportation. You really should want to help the world to clean the atmosphere that we have been destroying for a hundred years by making sure the energy sources and any way we use them give off fewer pollutants and help preserve and possibly rejuvenate the Earth for future generations.

I'll bet that you and others you know use solar power and don't even know it. I'm sure someone you know owns a swimming pool, well,the blanket they put over it when nobody is using it is called a solar blanket which is a crude but is still an effective type of solar energy. The solar blanket helps harness the suns warmth and then transfers it to the water keeping the pool at a more palatable temperature. This way you don't need to use a direct heating source to keep your pool comfortably heated and this saves you money not having to use electricity to do this job for you. Surely this is not same way of collecting the Sun's power and converting it into easy to use electricity, however it is the idea that started the ball rolling on solar energy.

Solar - The Way To Go

The Sun has enough energy to power yours and everyone's lives on the planet with ease. Everybody needs to learn how to efficiently capture the Sun's energy by using solar panels, saving money and the planet as a spin-off benefit. Solar panels were designed for us to do just this.

The initial outlay for purchasing your own solar power generation system to power every aspect of your life can range anywhere from 10-25 thousand dollars depending on your lifestyle, however you can recuperate your costs within an average of 5-15 years through savings on electricity bills and if you enlarge your system so you make extra power you then sell to the electric suppliers break-even time will be shortened again.

Something you may not have thought of is that you can reduce your start-up and repair costs considerably by learning to do it all by yourself.

Nowadays it's easy to find solar panels at your local solar power retailer outlet but to save some money you should learn to build and install your own solar system. Adding enough panels to your project to totally convert your home to solar power and run all the appliances within is easily figured out and you may even add a couple extra panels to have a little left over energy to sell back to the power companies and pocket some profits. New and more efficient products are being developed every day to help you achieve this.

I must say this again - it is very important that you consider solar power and all that this technology can offer for the building or remodeling of a home or business so make sure to do the research and learn about it. Just imagine no more blackouts or problems with your outdoor lighting or security because the power is out. There is a never-ending list of uses for solar power and the sooner we convert the easier it will be for everyone to breathe easy again too.

Zero carbon emissions when using solar power

And when it comes to using solar power there are zero carbon emissions which today is what is ruining our environment, and with solar power there isn't any major pollution that you need to worry about. Only the batteries you use would fall into this category and if you just make sure to dispose of your used up batteries through a proper government-run disposal service you can be sure they know what they are doing and will dispose of it properly and in an environmentally friendly manner. All that you need to do is to be sure to extend the life of your batteries by keeping your batteries charged at all times and don't leave batteries under charged because this leads to lead sulfates accumulating and reducing the storage capacity of batteries.

Another thing is try to keep your battery cool and if at all possible try not placing it in a hot area like under the hood of your car. If you must do this place a heat shield over it to protect it from the heat that's under the hood of your car - excessive heat can reduce the life span of battery by 6-8 months. There are many different types of batteries and different little things you can do to extend their life. Like on a cell phone you can turn down the screen brightness to save on energy and recharging cycles (the less you need to recharge a battery the longer it will last). And when your batteries just don't perform as they should anymore another option you have is to recycle or recondition the batteries yourself. There are guides to teach you to do this and it's not as hard as you think.

Wind Power is Good But...

Don't get me wrong wind power will work fine but the maintenance of a wind turbine is a little costly because moving parts just seem to break more often and the windmill blades sometimes get bent in big storms leaving you scrambling to fix it, whereas solar panels require basically no maintenance but will incur replacement costs if one fails (try to keep a spare panel handy for just such an instance). But if you live in a place where light from the Sun is a little scarce then wind power generation is another way to go green and save, it's just a little more work.

An Inexhaustible Energy Source

The Sun is one energy source that we are going to be able to exploit for thousands of years to come. It is going to be there even when all other sources have become unavailable. You will find that there is a lot of solar-powered research being done today and it is the most promising future power source at the moment,who knows what the far future may bring.

However the future is happening now just look around and you will see all the solar-powered vehicles, lights, houses, offices and so much more. Actually go outside now and take a walk around your neighborhood and see all people who already use solar power these ways, just look for the solar panels outside a home or business or even the outside solar lights people use to light up their property and you know they are doing their part to save the environment, are you?

If you live in a hot and sunny climate you will find that solar panels are going to be the most efficient alternative power source for you, and the more sun your area receives the better it is for recharging you're system to full capacity everyday.

Read this article about a highly promising new solar panel technology -> http://goo.gl/EH9jf

Do It All Yourself

Don't forget there are guides you can purchase to teach you how to build and set up your own system. These guides will help you learn to do this and are a good way that you can learn something which will save you money and will even help you put some away for a rainy day if you want. If you construct your own solar panels and do all the system set up yourself you can save thousands over paying an installer to do the work for you and that money will now stay in your pocket and now you won't have to pay the big electricity retail giants anything for their power because you will be enjoying the pride and joy of being self-sufficient when your finished.

On a Personal Note

I feel using any of the alternative green sources of energy generation is our duty to help alleviate the stress on all the coal-fired power plants and to save some hard-earned cash. If enough people switch their home energy source to solar maybe we could shut down some of them coal-fired electrical generation plants and be able to breath easier.

It's also my opinion that governments should retrofit all existing houses with solar panels and / or wind turbines to meet everyone's personal needs. Making repairs tax exempt and / or tax-deductible would help people pay for their own repairs and as a result everyone would live better and most of all more self-sufficient.

Businesses should have to retrofit their own businesses but the same tax exempt and / or tax-deductible offer should be given for repairs.

Purchasing a clean alternative energy should not cost a pound of flesh either, especially in cold climates where energy is needed to keep you warm and ALIVE. Governments must be made to understand this and quit giving approval for insane energy rate hikes year in and year out.

Keep an open mind and you will see that the new ways of producing clean green power has enough benefits to convince you to convert your life and believe me - you won't be disappointed.

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