Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spain Rios decrease flow

Among the main consequences of climate change, not only we find noticeable increase or change in temperature, but other consequences, which may or not detach from it, with the loss of biodiversity , or what compete us on this occasion, the decrease in the flow of the rivers, result not only increased evaporation , but a disturbance in the water cycle.

As it has been announced recently, within the framework of the Conference "river conservation: threats, challenges and opportunities for a sustainable future" organized by the FundaciĆ³n bbva, have given to the different conditions that have rivers and Spanish river basins, and his apparent loss of flow, with data rather than alarming.

The decrease is estimated at an average of 10%, caused not only by climate change, but by the establishment of dams, canals, reservoirs and other modifications that have not been adapted to a suitable water plan .

Has been highlighted in addition Spain is one of the countries of the world with a greater number of dams per km of river, of which at least 1,200 are superior to 15 metres in height, assuming a major threat to fluvial species, to help improve the quality of the waters.

At the Conference also been attention to compliance with the legislation, which estimate has very little control because of a decrease in the funds budgeted for it, which leads to jeopardize not only the biodiversity of a river, but also the supply of drinking water.

The proposal is not only the application of technology, coupled with investment for their development, but also a correct solution that does not interfere with the natural river channel, which leads to the current decline in the flow.

The basin of the Mediterranean Sea has not remained alien to these factors, which was joined a marked overexploitation of resources, where there has been a high point in the Segura basin, where the percentage of the water consumed by envelope available resources has come to 224%, where the rivers remain dry in several months of the year.

Added to this in addition the appearance of the so-called Emerging pollutants, which do not have a specific control and tend to escape from the sewage treatment plants, affecting the ecosystem of the River, mostly being used both human and veterinary drugs .

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