Thursday, July 14, 2011

Transport of the future "LINT"

The new commitment in the public trasnport seems technology departure from Hollywood himself. To be able to imagine it just need to see the movie of Tom Cruise, "minority report".

The project, promoted by a group of companies and Mexican educational institutions, is called LINT (Lean Intelligent Network Transportation), is a system of automated urban transport which is actually based on a concept emerged in the Decade of the 70'sknown as the PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) and that it could bring part of the solution to problems of mobility that afflicts many of the great cities of the world.

The concept is light vehicles for two, four or six persons which would be borne by a system of roads, underground or elevated, prefabricated and easy to assemble, allowing thanks to its technology, maintaining a constant flow of transport.

Vehicles, which will handle automatically, could be reserved by phone or Internet, so that when a person comes to the station at a certain time, the unit already what this waiting.

The project, which is a year of research, although it is designed for cities, might work in its initial phase in places such as airports or amusement parks.

The technological gamble which could be a reality from 2016.

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