Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plan of saving and energy efficiency

The Council of Ministers has approved today the new Savings Plan and Energy efficiency for Spain. The main objectives are to achieve a saving of EUR 2,300 million a year on energy imports and in 12.5 million tons per year to reduce the emissions ofCO2. This new plan provides at the same time holding an investment of EUR 1,152 million.


Encourage the use of public transport, one of the objectives

Let's look at some of the outstanding measures that make up this Savings Plan and Energy efficiency:

promote the introduction of tyre with maximum energy rating (tag A) make mandatory the use of the biodiesel for fuel up 7% in content energéticolimitar temporarily limit at 110 km/h speed toll roads and motorways for tourism and motocicletasdisminuir public transport prices to discourage the use of the coche.fomentar the use of biomass for purposes térmicosrenovar the system of public lighting of the municipiosimpulsar awareness for energy savingcampaigns




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