Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The advantages and disadvantages of alternative energy

There are individual opinion about a source of energy that they want to use it for, but taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of eligible.

It is a well-known Act which is an environmentally friendly can be through the use of alternative energy sources and the whole world to save the waste natural resources. many countries have shown that make use of renewable energy sources, they have lead to numerous job opportunities for their people.

One must look at the pros and cons of the alternative sources of energy.If only the electricity can be stored in comparison with the renewable energy, which have the maximum impact of operation.It is not possible to be able to save of the alternative energy source or consume large amounts of. every person will use the alternative energy, an adequate knowledge of what they use and how to maintain. most people don't know much about alternative energy, only those who specialize in it, which is a big disadvantage for most people.

Solar energy

Solar energy works wonderfully and would save us a lot of electricity. one of the biggest advantages of this is that solar energy is always free and plentiful. depending on which part of the world a person lives in will determine whether they may be able to rely on solar energy only rather than electricity. People who are in the higher levels life do not make use of the solar energy, because it can't be made available in these areas in spite of their need to have it.Solar energy is the best alternative energy for homes.

Wind energy

To wind to work as an alternative energy, there would have to be much.This alternative energy source best generated in places with maximum water content, by weight, in order to protect air recording, it is necessary to have a lot of space where the wind mills can be built. this alternative energy source cannot be created by these regions with less air.

Tidal power

Of the ocean Tides are used for natural power of power stations for energy. this form of energy is very irregular depends on the movement of the tides varies from so many factors. tidal power are potentially hazardous for the safety of the animals and birds as well.

Hydro-electric power

This is the energy that, in principle, in favour of the operations of the dam. the water of the ocean is what is used to the dam. by this method, the level of energy used to the optimum. the main drawback is that it is not possible for the construction of dams in all places, and with so much money is required.


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